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We have learned over the past 25+ years that the human mind can perform at very high levels on continual basis. So our goal here at The Focused Mind is to assist you with reaching your potential in one or all four areas of life.

C.W. Zev is the founder and CEO of Coach37/The Focused Mind. Coach37 is a sales training, life coaching and motivational speaking firm, based in New York, with a focus on Mental Focus, Goal Setting, Positive Attitude and Mental Toughness.

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Individuals seeking Personal Development Weight loss, Earn More Money, Better Career

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Learn how to achieve anything you want in life throughout powerful workshops which train your mind to achieve ultimate financial success and learn to overcome any doubts you may have.


Our workshops are designed for sales professionals and business owners seeking to increase their sales in today’s down economy. This is not your traditional sales training!


Together, we will create a personalized plan of attack for your desired personal growth, including your physical health, to help you reach your full potential and help you become the healthiest and best version you can become.


We specialize in personal growth including relationships. During this workshop, you will become a better communicator in all areas of your relationships, both personal and in your workplace.

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