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Money / Finance

Change Your Mindset toward Money!   Discover how you can COMMAND MONEY into your life, business, affairs, investments, and your bank accounts for every good purpose.  Our 7 Step System will teach you effective techniques, which will make your mind an IRRESISTIBLE MAGNET to draw money to you. The Zev Training System will reveal to you the “psychology” of Money, you’ll discover how to create a state of mind that has the power to attract success, prosperity and money!  You’ll learn how to eliminate your “money rejection complex.”  You’ll learn to repeat powerful, emotional affirmations along mind conditioning treatments that will reach down past your conscious mind, and condition your subconscious mind for the money you want and deserve!

And to make sure that you never again chase money away on the subconscious level. Zev training teaches you the Energy of Money – proven principles that you can begin to apply right away, to transform your money situation and your life forever! After learning these new teachings, you will have a new confident, wealthy self-image of yourself!

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