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About Us

Is to educate individuals, groups and professionals around the world in the importance of learning how to change their Mindset/Paradigm by way of (The Conscious Mind) in order to improve their life performance. We have learned over the past 25+ years that the human mind can perform at very high levels on a continuous bases. So our goal here at Zev High Performance Training is to assist you with reaching your potential in one or all four areas of life.

4 Major Area's of Life





The Focused Mind

You have the ability to live your life to its fullest. If given the right mental mindset training that has been kept away from most people. The secret is OUT and we have created a proven 7 Step Success System that works every time.

C.W. Zev


Graduating from Upsala College in 1986, with a BA in Marketing, Starting his first company, Stokes Bread Distributors, with only $500 Carl was able to grow the business by buying baked goods below wholesale and selling the products to local deli’s and C-stores at a profit. After growing and managing the business for three years, he decided to undertake a bigger challenge. Carl sold the business for $45,000 and became a distributors of Mistic Beverages, supplying companies; Rutgers and Seton Hall Universities as well as AT&T.

By 1993 Carl was running a multi-million dollar beverage and bottled-water Company called Virgin Springs, becoming one of the first African Americans to own a bottled-water company on the East Coast. In 1995 Carl negotiated a multi-million dollar bottled-water contract with the 1996 Summer Olympics; After that highly charged multi-year business transaction Carl decided to sell his profitable bottled-water company to the Culligan Water Corporation. By this time, Carl was in great demand, as a consultant, because of his negotiation, customer-relation, business development, and presentation and leadership skills.

In 1999, Carl was contracted by Poland Spring Water as their Director of Sales for their largest distributor in North America with $75,000,000.00+ in revenue, servicing over 50,000 commercial and residential customers in the New York/New Jersey market. Under his management and marketing leadership the company sales grew by over 300% within a two year period.

In 2002, Carl was bit by the entrepreneurship bug once again and decided to branch out on his own with Blue Mountain Spring Water. Again, his leadership skills enabled the business to expand. The company was sold in 2005 to a New Jersey investment firm.

C.W. Zev is the founder and CEO of Zev Training & The Focused Mind. Zev Training is a life coaching, sales trainng and motivational speaking firm, based in New York, with a focus on Positive Mental Mindset, High Performance Training and Personal Development.

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